1. Read the visa section [VISAS – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland – website (] and apply for a Polish visa (if necessary)
  2. Arrange housing [Warsaw – Official Tourist Website of the capital of Poland (], [Student housing and accommodation for students Warsaw, Poland |] or [FB: (20+) Accommodation in Warsaw | Facebook] and found out how to reach USM -as soon as you receive an acceptance letter from USM. Our IRO office will also be ready to help you founding accommodation – just contact:
  3. Obtain a proof of health insurance Information on healthcare in Poland [Leczenie poza granicami kraju / Dla Pacjenta / Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (NFZ) – finansujemy zdrowie Polaków]; Polish Social Insurance Institutions [About ZUS – ZUS]; State Hospitals in Warsaw [Wykaz szpitali – Sprawy zdrowotne – Warszawa 19115],
  4. Sent us all documents needed for your programme [odniesienie do rekrutacja]
  5. Select courses (for exchange students) ECTS Course Catalogue [link do rekrutacja – katalog kursów]
  6. Prepare your agreement (LA or PA for students, Teaching or Training Agreement for staff)
  7. Contact your Buddy at USM
  8. Research for available transportation options in Warsaw – by air: Warsaw Chopin Airport [Access – Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie (], Warsaw-Modlin Airport [Warsaw Modlin Airport | Warsaw Modlin Airport]; – by train or bus: [Bus and railway stations – Warszawski Transport Publiczny (] – journey planner: [Jakdojade Warszawa]
  9. Pack yourself and have good stay at USM! [Further links: Weather in Poland – Education Poland]



Living costs

Poland is a relatively affordable place to live and study, being compared to other European cities. The cost of living in Warsaw varies and depends on individual needs and lifestyle, however approx. EUR 400 you would need for monthly accommodation. Average costs of living for a student living in a shared apartment / dormitory range from EUR 350 up to EUR 550. Please keep in mind, that to be able to study in Poland non-EU/EEA students have to possess sufficient means to cover the living costs.

Below are provided some costs of living, namely:

Accommodation at shared flat: from EUR 200; student residence hall: EUR 80-150

Transportation: monthly pass for all means of transport in Warsaw: full fare – EUR 27 (110 PLN), reduced (for students) – EUR 14 euro (55 PLN)

Food: EUR 100-150

Phone / internet: EUR 20-30

Study materials: EUR 30-50

Leisure / entertainment: EUR 50-100

Lunch in a mid-range restaurant: from EUR 7

Coffee in a café: from 2-3 EUR

Entertainment: Theatre ticket: EUR 7-24; Cinema ticket: EUR 3-7; Museum ticket: EUR 4-7

Climate / Weather

Poland’s climate is moderately warm, transitional. The weather varies, in summer: 16 / 20°C (60–68°F) and winter: -6 / 0°C (21–32°F). If you come to Poland for a whole year, you should take with you both a warm down jacket, a hat, gloves, an umbrella and light clothes for the summer days.  IMGW METEO POLSKA

National holidays

Holidays and observances in Poland in 2021

Poland is not only the opportunity for good quality education, but also it is a great place to visit, to become truly acquainted with Polish tradition and culture. To find out more about Poland, its history, culture, tradition, economy and position visit the following webpages:

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